We provide outcomes as a service, in the digital space.

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/About Cub

First, let's be clear, we are a tech company.
But our real business is getting you elite outcomes.
Commercial Outcomes
Increasing Efficiency
Increasing Revenue
Lowering Costs
New Product Ideas
Here's the tools we use, to get the outcomes you need:
Tools We Use
Process Mapping
Tech Advisory
Tech Roadmap
Male basketball player in a white jersey and orange shoes is captured mid-air, performing a slam dunk in a dimly lit indoor court.


Outcomes for Elite Organisations
We specialise in building and using tools for process mapping, dashboards, websites, analytics, apps, and AI to deliver the outcomes you need. We are committed to constant evolution and enhancement of our skills and knowledge. We stay updated with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices through continuous learning and professional development.

/Why Choose Us

Maybe your outcome is a new website, or maybe you want to make your business more efficient, or maybe you're looking to win your first Olympic medal, whatever you are trying to achieve, we want to help you get there.
How We Approach
Our approach begins with a comprehensive discovery and work together to find the best approach to achieve your desired outcomes. The technology is secondary; our focus is on aligning with your needs and creating solutions that resonate with your target audience and objectives.

/What Is the Process?

How It Works


In-Depth Discovery
We get to know you and deep dive into understanding your business.


Solution Crafting
Now that we know you, we can begin to architect solutions finely tuned to exactly what your business needs to move the needle forward.


Let's Get Started
Time to put it all into motion and bring the vision to life. The technology paves the way but the outcome is always the driver.


We partner with businesses to build software people genuinely want and love. Our expertise spans technology consulting & audits, custom software development, solution architecture, application modernisation, UI/UX design, quality assurance, and R&D product innovation.
Client Image
Matthew Mildenhall
Performance Physiologist
High Performance Sport New Zealand
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Cub Digital has been amazing! Working at High Performance Sport New Zealand we assist in the preparation of our Olympic bound athletes. Cub have helped us on several diverse projects that have benefited our staff, athletes and coaches immensely. As a result their work can be directly attributed to medal winning performance. We view them as a key partner in what we do and I can't recommend them enough.
Service Provided
AI Implementation
App Development
Computer Vision
Product Innovation
Software Development
Client Image
David Nyika
Professional Boxer
New Zealand Olympian
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Client Image
Jonathan Perkins
Regional Manager
Chester Consultants
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