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About Cub

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We wanted to build a company where
we made our clients heaps of cash, we got the ability to nerd out on big datasets and we made a lot of good friends and had great banter and stories along the way.

We believe in honesty, and we honestly think we could help most businesses improve.

Our value proposition comes ultimately from you succeeding. We work in partnerships with businesses over multiple years to achieve that.

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How we make you money.

When people come to us they are usually scared.
(Not from us... we are all cuddly and warm). But from the need to utilise technology within their business – and it all being just too overwhelming.

If this sounds like you, then great! Let's take you through
Our Simple Money Making Process:

Our Simple Money Making Process

We listen to you talk.
We understand where you want your business to go.
Then we talk in simple terms that makes sense to you.
We explain what cool things like APIs and your database are.
We are convincing because we are confident. We are confident because we are superiorly nerdy, and proud of it.
You are probably impressed.
We then ask you to sign a contract because we are direct and well prepared.
We build you an awesome website or give sage strategic advice, in exchange for money.
We make you much more money than you give us.
We never stop working together.
We automate EVERYTHING.
You get more time with your kids/pet rats/bonsai trees.
You play so much more golf your hands get blisters, but you don’t need them anymore because of ALL the automation.
You tell your friends about us, because you need people to play golf with.
More kids/pet rats and bonsai trees get more love.
More people get more out of life.
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