AI Surfing

AI Surf Judging
Large Surfing Organisation
AI Development, AI Implementation Statistical Analysis, Website Development
Outcome Required
We were tasked to formulate a strategy and implementation of automating surf judging.
Problems to Overcome

Quantifying surf judging effectively is challenging due to the sport's fluid nature. Accurately detecting wave height, which is critical for key insights, proves difficult—cameras pan with varying lighting conditions. The system must operate in real time, watching the wave and reporting back swiftly. It also needs to baseline across the event and live-update scores to establish maximum and minimum bounds.


We developed a model quantifying surfing that allowed us to predict surfers scores. The model can then be fed with a video camera feed as a tool to facilitate and help surf judgers and ensure that quality and consistency are enforced throughout the day, particularly as the day goes on. If you watch surfing for 20 minutes you will appreciate just how difficult it is to get a consistent feel of the wave height.

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