Timesheet System

To provide an effective system for tracking and managing employee hours.
Various businesses, particularly in the professional services area.
AI, System Integrations, UI/UX Design, Website Development
Outcome Required
Timesheet system that helps businesses efficiently track and manage employee hours, streamline payroll processes, and improve overall productivity.
Problems to Overcome

Obstacles involved inconsistent or inaccurate time tracking data, difficulty integrating time entry with payroll systems, a lack of user-friendly interfaces hindering adoption, challenges in tracking different hour types (e.g. billable, non-billable and leave time), and mounting costs from numerous SaaS subscriptions.


Our timesheet system provides a user-friendly interface for accurate time tracking, integrates seamlessly with payroll systems, and allows businesses to monitor different types of hours easily. This helps improve efficiency and ensures accurate payroll and billing. You can purchase the system from us for a low-cost SAAS fee or modify it to suit your requirements.

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