A tailored reporting product to Hong Kong
Website Development, Word Report Automation
Outcome Required
A reporting tool that will handle custom characters and make tailored reports for Hong Kong clients
Problems to Overcome

Xero required a product to report custom characters and make tailored Microsoft Word Reports for their Hong Kong clients. The specific requirements were that the Xero API had to be used, but that the current PDF reports had to be rendered and editable in Word. Other off the shelf products were reviewed by Xero and we were asked to build this system due to the unique nature of the problem as they also required us to do consolidation.


Cub developed custom reporting engine software for this job. The user is able to upload templates and then render them to Microsoft Word or Excel. This is great for the client as it allows them to retain control and make additional adjustments, particularly adding custom Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other additional text. This is also really powerful for multi-language support.

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